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J.C.’s Resolutions for the New Year

Caught this interesting bit on WordPress about tagging our new year’s resolutions for two-double-oh-seven, and thought it might be fun to come up with my own resolutions.

Now, I haven’t made any resolutions for New Years since I was 17, but what the heck, here goes :

Read more books : I feel that I don’t read enough, and although I have my own little library of fantasy and fiction stories, I don’t seem to have enough ‘serious’ books in my parlour.

Write more stories : Exactly why I created this blog. I know I’m not the best writer in the world, and pale in comparison to the great legends out there. But they say practice makes perfect, and hopefully there are people out there willing to advise me and sort of provide healthy criticism. After all, what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger.  (or something along those lines.)

Quit smoking : I think I’ve quit about 7 times in my life, only to pick it up again due to some asinine reason. This year may be lucky number 8!

Thank people more: I feel I don’t say ‘thank you’ enough to people around me. If we all did this more often, the world would have less angry people. But then again, pigs might fly too.

Learn a new skill : Gardening? I seem drawn to my rather barren garden. The last few attempts at growing flowers from seeds in those packets you can pick up for a buck at the local store seems to go nowhere. Maybe I’ll grow some vegetables instead.

Join a selfless society : One of those societies that help people, orphans, animals, etc. Something selfless for once, and not one of those greedy corporations that disguise themselves as societies and one day you find out that the money you helped raise for tsunami victims actually didn’t go to them.

Learn CSS : To do something nice to this blog of mine.

Sigh. Very drab resolutions, I know. In retrospect, the Chinese have their New Year on the 18th of February this year, and the Thais & Sikhs have theirs on the 13th of April. Maybe we’ll have another round of new year resolutions then.

Half Cloudy, with a glint of the sun peeking through. Is this how 2007 will be like?


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