Pure – Part 1

“Do you have it?”

“I do.”

“Is it …. pure?”

“Last I check.”


There was a soft splash as the waves gently caressed the rocks. The sky was bright, almost too bright, it seemed, and the sun flooded the cove with its warm light. The air was calm, with hardly a breeze, yet a strand of hair managed to flap itself into my eye. I winced, and adjusted my hat.

Bright-green eyes stared back at me. A hand, glistening in the sun, stretched out to me, awaiting the purity which I held.

I hesistated.

“Why do you fear me?”

I kept silent, and looked down at my sandal-clad feet. Covered with grains of sand, yet, somehow a sparkle or two escaped and caught my eye, reflecting the minerals which had been lying beneath the sea for thousands of years, only to be reduced to a sandy mixture and washed ashore.

“I seek only to receive that which belongs to me.” Calm, soothing whispers echoed in my head.

I sighed, and finally opened my hand.

“Ahhh….. thank you.”

The hand reached out and picked up the stone from my palm. The sunlight was caught in its many facets, and an array of sea colours reflected back onto its owner, in a dazzling display of emerald and blue. It was hard to imagine that such a beautiful thing could harbour such evil things.

Keerne looked up at me and smiled, his grey eyes lightening up. “Where did you find it?”

“A child picked it up near the pier,” I explained. “I don’t think anyone else has touched it.”

“But you touched it.” The eyes narrowed and seemed to darken.

Silently, I removed the glove I had been wearing. “I was aware of the consequences and took a little precaution.”

The eyes lighted up again. The whispers echoed once more.

“Not many humans would have done so.”

I shrugged. “We have always been rash,” I mused. “I owe my cautiousness to your humble servant.”

Keerne’s eyes perked up at this. “You are speaking to Her?”

Nodding, I stuffed the glove into my bag, and then waded deeper into the cove. I found a flat rock and climbed up onto it. Sitting there, with my legs dangling over the edge into the cove, I watched Keerne.

With a wink and a flick of his tail, he leap over the rock, and dove into the waters.

I knew he would return once he visited his Mother, perhaps bringing with him a few more gifts from the sea herself. Gifts, he said, which would give me a glimpse of the ethereal beauty that lay hidden from the human eye.

Yet I could not be a part of that beauty. Denied by my blasted! human blood and shunned by my own kin in the waters; I could only watch as the land creatures accepted me as one of their own. Their own, yes, like my human mother. Yet father, who had loved her more than the sea itself, never dared to visit land anymore, not since her death. He could only see me occasionally, when the sky was darkened and the storms threatened others from coming to the beach; that was when he visited me.

When he visited his half-breed changeling love child.

I began to wish Keerne would hurry back.


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